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                               Rabbi Chaim Fessel


This website is a work in progress. Each week there will be new material added.

Focus is on audio commentary, rules of grammar and  cantillation (laining).


For all who wish to learn how to lain.   

Ideal for Bar Mitzvah Boys.


Underlined Items Are Links.



   Sefer Bereishis              Sefer Shemos

   Sefer Vayikra                Sefer Bamidbar

                      Sefer Devarim


Parsha - Until Sheini:


    Sefer Bereishis            Sefer Shemos  

    Sefer Vayikra               Sefer Bamidbar

                    Sefer Devarim




  Sefer Bereishis             Sefer Shemos

  Sefer Vayikra                Sefer Bamidbar

                     Sefer Devarim


Peshat, Chazal and Halacha:





   Kerias Shema         Birchas HaMozon

   Shemoneh Esrai     Hallel

   Boruch She'omar   Mizmor L'sodah

   Kaddish                  Shemoneh Esrai-Shabbos Shacharis     




   Megillas Esther    Megillas Shir Hashirim  

   Megillas Rus         Megillas Eicha   

                     Megillas Koheles




    Dikduk information based on halachic requirements.

    New Charts - See Dikduk Charts III, IIIIV


Tagin - Crownlets    Shaatnes Geitz